Prayer to Blessed Mother Elisabeth

God, Almighty Father, You gave the grace to Blessed Mother
Elizabeth to dedicate her entire life to You, in faith, hope and
humility, but especially in her love for the poor and needy.

Through her prayers and service she has fostered the unity of all
Christians under one shepherd

We ask you, Oh Lord, to listen to us according to Your Will, through
the intercession of Blessed Mother Elizabeth, and hear our petitions.

(Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)


Prayer of Saint Bridget of Sweden

Oh Lord, come soon and enlighten the night. As the dying are
longing, so I am longing for you. Impress upon my soul that nothing
happens without your permission, and nothing you permit is without

Oh Jesus, Son of God, You stood silent in front of those who
condemned You. Guard my tongue until I realize what to say and
how to say it. Guide me along the way and make me follow it
willingly: to hesitate is wrong, to go on dangerous.

Fulfill my longing and show me the way. I am coming to You as the
injured to their physician. Oh Lord, silence my heart.